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Tulani Kinardís music poignantly tells stories of love, peace, transformation, activism and spiritual awakenings. A believer in the fact that ďa song can save your lifeĒ, Tulani has taken the power of that statement and woven itís profundity into every note of the music experienced in her live and recorded performances.

While growing up in Boston, Tulani began singing at the age of three in her grandfatherís Pentecostal church. As a fifth grader enrolled in a busing program, Tulani learned how to use her gifted voice in activism. The legendary Boston educator, Jonathan Kozol had just been fired for reading a Langston Hughes poem to his students in a Boston Public School. He invited Tulani to Washington DC to testify before a Senate Hearing about the racism in the Boston School System. Inspired by that experience, Tulani added socially conscious songs to her gospel repertoire. Read More...

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